Case Studies


A&A Carpets Ltd, Worsley Manchester

A&A Carpets Ltd are a major carpet wholesaler based in Worsley, supplying rolls and cut lengths of carpet to retailers in the North West of England & North Wales.

Darren Stott took over the business in 1997 and in order to increase sales and speed up the office administration he decided to automate the existing sales ordering and delivery systems.

Workforce Systems suggested designing a bespoke computer program which would initially, recorded sales orders and allowed invoices to be produced and posted to Sage accounts.  The intention was to continue to develop the system as the business grew.

The software has now been in place for over 15 years and has been continually developed to reflect the needs of the business.  These include a warehouse module that maintains stock control of individual rolls; stock picking via hand held wireless scanners; links to automated cutting machines; and route management planning for daily deliveries across the North of England. Workforce also manages A&A’s ongoing computer maintenance and support.

Darren Stott, Managing Director, comments: "I’m happy to say Workforce is a key partner in my business now. It couldn’t run without their technology and support. The staff at Workforce are so knowledgeable & experienced that they’ve come up with solutions to all the IT issues I’ve had. Workforce are great at what they do and I’d recommend them to anyone."



McKenna Brothers Limited, Middleton, Manchester

McKenna Bros is a family company who have been supplying bus operators with signage for the past 20 years.   The company has steadily expanded well beyond the UK and has become one of the world’s leading specialist supplier of both manual and digital bus signs.

In order to improve its customer service levels the company decided it needed to update its servicing records.   Although the majority of McKenna Bros’ system was computer based the servicing information was still recorded manually.

Workforce Systems produced a bespoke program to log each sign, detailing the bus it was fitted on and when servicing was required & completed.   An additional facility was later added that produced invoices and automatically posted them into the Sage accounts package.  This program has contributed to further company expansion and has directly resulted in McKenna Bros acquiring London Transport as a customer.

Director Derek Dawson comments:  “Workforce have worked with us for nearly 5 years & we have a good working relationship with them. Workforce provides us with 24-hour IT support as well as the programming software linking our uniform quoting & servicing systems which has made great savings for us in time & money and has enabled the business to continue expanding.”


Ovalworld Logo

Ovalworld Limited, Blackburn, Lancashire

Ovalworld are a major UK and international retailer of wallpaper and decorating products and act as distributors for a number of UK wallpaper manufacturers.

Ovalworld were recently approached by a wallpaper manufacturer to provide warehousing and distribution for the North of England and wanted to ensure their IT systems would not let them down.

Workforce began by conducting a full IT review and then recommended new file servers which were sourced by Workforce and installed in the new warehouse.  As they knew Ovalworld’s systems well, Workforce staff worked with an established warehouse software system supplier to install the programs and to provide WIFI links to the warehouse scanners.

Managing Director Martin Short commented: “We have dealt with Workforce for over 10 years and rely on their expertise and knowledge. We always get a speedy response from Workforce: the support staff dial in remotely to save us time & money and they even organise out-of-hours upgrades as well as managing our offsite backups. We are more than happy with Workforce & are definitely happy to recommend them.”



Techtex Limited, Middleton, Manchester

Techtex is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of healthcare and industrial fabrics, manufacturing a variety of branded, private label and generic products ranging from high quality wet wipes to non-woven geotextiles.

Techtex accept many complex jobs that involve processing and converting textiles for individual customers.  Working out the costs of supplying this work is difficult & time consuming, due to the wide range of raw materials purchased, which are supplied in a variety of currencies. As Techtex’s IT support provider for 15 years, Workforce were asked for a solution to this problem.

A bespoke program has since been created by Workforce that links with the main Techtex sales & purchase ordering system to provide accurate costings with the ability to make “what if” re-calculations. 

 Finance Director Steve Oldfield commented: “We could have gone for a standard package but Workforce has written a bespoke costing system for us, which is great value for money as we have got exactly we wanted. The alternative was buying off the shelf software, which has things we don’t want & not enough of what we do. Workforce’s expertise is just so valuable to us, it’s like having our own in-house IT person, and I’m more than happy to recommend them.”


The Flava People, Sharston, Manchester

Manchester Rusk was established in 1976 by the current Chairman, Roy Dixon.  Today the company is still owned and managed by the family and is one of the major suppliers of high quality meat flavouring products in the UK servicing some of the country’s largest supermarket chains.

Manchester Rusk’s business demands a reliable computer network and a very fast & flexible IT support service. 

Workforce Systems have been providing IT support to MRC for the past 15 years and have helped them expand their business, kept their system regularly updated and have assisted in a move to new premises in 2000.

Adam Salisbury, Finance Director, commented: “In such a fast-moving business as ours, I like dealing with Workforce because they really understand that our IT problems need sorting promptly & they always react quickly. They will even fix problems outside operating/working hours if needs be.  All PC users in the organisation can contact Workforce direct if they need to - and I’ve never heard of a problem that hasn’t been resolved: so no news is good news!  Workforce are very accommodating and give good value.”


"We have dealt with Workforce Systems for over 10 years and rely on their expertise and knowledge.  We are more than happy with Workforce & are definitely happy to recommend them."

Martin Short
Manging Director Ovalworld Limited Blackburn Lancashire

IT Support