Disaster & Recovery Backup Solution

Most of our customer’s are so dependent on their computer system that they cannot do business without it.

So it is vital, that in the case of a disaster we are able to guarantee we can restore your data as efficiently as possible.

As a result we have installed our own Cloud based Backup Server in a secure data centre in Manchester which allows us to actively manage our customer’s backups on a daily basis.

At the end of each day, a copy of all data changes is automatically sent via the Internet to our Cloud Backup Server; so you need not worry about loading backup tapes and disks or taking them off site.

In the case of server failure we can restore your network server to an entirely different computer without having to wait until your server has been repaired or replaced.

How it Works (for the technically minded)

Initial Backup

An initial image of the file server is copied to a hard drive and physically taken to our secure data centre where it is copied onto our Remote Backup Server. The backup file is encrypted and allocated a unique password.

Continuous Backup (on-site)

At regular intervals throughout the day, typically every 15 or 30 minutes, an intra-daily file is created which contains the most recent changes to the file server’s data files.

Daily Backup (on-site)

Each evening, the intra-daily files are consolidated and a file is created containing all the day’s changes. This file is sent via a secure Internet connection to our Remote Cloud Backup Server for secure storage.

Remote Backup

When the daily backup reaches the Remote Backup Server, it is automatically checked to ensure that the data is valid and that no files are missing.

Additional Backup

In addition to the Remote Backup Server, a 2nd copy of the backup data files are sent each day to our office in Bolton for storage. As this data is readily available, this is the copy we would normally use to test modifications to your server or to restore data files.

Backup Storage Periods

The default backup storage periods are normal set as follows. These can be increased but will result in addition disk space being used.


Storage Period

File Type



Intra-daily files

7 days


Daily files

30 days

30 days

Weekly files

1 year

1 year

Monthly files

1 year

1 year

Restoring individual files

Files stored either locally or on the remote backup server can be instantly restored to the active file server.

Restoring a Complete File Server

In the event of a local server failure, a backup image can be created from the local or remote storage files and restored to dissimilar hardware.

Disaster recovery Option

This service is designed for customers who can’t afford to be without their computer system for even a few hours

The Local Backup Disk is replaced by a Local Backup Server running Microsoft Server & Hyper-V software which constantly maintains an up to date image of the file server. In the event of a system failure the Local Backup Server can be quickly configured to run as the main server until the faulty server has been repaired or replaced.

In the event of a major disaster such as a fire or robbery a temporary server can be provided to allow remote workers access to the company’s latest server backup.


"All PC users in the organisation can contact Workforce direct if they need to - and I've never heard of a problem that hasn't been resolved: so no news is good news!"

Adam Salisbury
Finance Director,
Manchester Rusk Limited,

IT Support